A logo and a brand go hand and hand.

Logo | They are two distinct concepts that support one another. A logo is merely a visual representation of a business or persona. Think Nike "Swoosh" or the Apple icon.

Brand | A brand encompasses the voice, messaging, marketing, presence, and positioning around your target audience and applies a set of meaning and emotion to your logo. Imagine if you were shown an ad without the logo of the business on it. Could you still guess what business created it? If so, that is effective branding.

At Kareracter, we offer logo and branding as a pair. 

our approach


Creative Consulting

  • Each logo + brand design project starts with getting to know you and your vision. We will spend some time inspiring ourselves before we kick-off the dirty work. This is your opportunity to bring business challenges, ideas, and inspiration to the table.

Creative Brief 

  • Using the information that we've discovered in the our Creative Consulting session, we develop a few creative briefs. A creative brief is a visual pitch that includes sketches, mood boards, and strategies to communicate ways we can bring your vision to life. 

Design + Iterations

  • After picking your favorite concept, we will begin bringing your logo to life. No design is perfect the first time. That's why we offer you the opportunity to critique and edit our drafts. 

  • Final Package

  • Once we've incorporated your feedback, we handover all of the appropriate files needed to launch your new brand or business.