The Team

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owner + lettering artist

account manager

I am a creative entrepreneur by nature and a graphic designer by trade. My life's work is centered around helping people young and old translate their big ideas into functional designs. Here are some fun facts about myself:

+ I have really neat handwriting, hence my business tagline, letters with personality.

+ I've been an entrepreneur since I was 12. My first business was called 'M and K Creations' and we created custom made scrapbooks.

+ I am the co-founder of Let's Vibe. We design inclusive spaces. 




lead graphic


I am a highly creative and multi-crafted designer. I’ve been in love with art and design since I knew I could color inside the lines. My purpose in life is to create ideas into living and breathing digital concepts that will engage, empower, and educate across different platforms. Fun facts about myself:

+ I initially found design as “hobby” when I used to experiment with Photoshop and made “banners” for B2K fan fiction stories.
+ If I wasn’t a designing, I’d be working somewhere in the beauty industry (specifically makeup).
+ I love cooking (and eating) comfort foods