Learn how to build the perfect mood board to jumpstart your creative ideas!

Kareracterize Yourself is a virtual DIY mood board building workshop for the non-traditional creative. Participants will learn how to build the perfect mood board. Upon completion, participants are invited to Chicago to show and tell their creations, meet other aspiring visionaries, and pitch their idea!


Inspire Yourself

Building the perfect mood board.

WEBINAR ONLY | Friday, October 6th @ 6pm

Student: $20

General: $25

Webinar ONLY

Kareracterize Yourself

Idea Sharing Workshop

EVENT | Friday, October 20th @ 6pm

Student: $30

General: $40

Webinar + Workshop

Client Testimonials

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Shine Registry is excited to support Kareracter and this workshop!  Shine Registry provides female founders with a platform to ask for startup needs in the style of a wedding registry. You can ask for a gravy boat when you’re getting married and you should be able to ask for Yelp reviews and accounting advice when you’re starting a business too. We believe that celebrating professional accomplishments can and should be meaningful, and we can enjoy old traditions with new twists.

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