Logo + Branding

Phase one: creative strategy sessions

Before diving into design, we guide our client through several interactive sessions to pinpoint your market positioning and identify your brand’s key characteristics. The objective is to establish a clear creative direction for your brand that aligns with your business’s goals.

If you love sticky notes, sharpies, assorted pens and brainstorming, you’d fall in LOVE with our creative strategy sessions! The best part is, you walk away with valuable information needed to effectively market your idea beyond visuals.

Phase 2: design + iteration

Using all of the data and insight gathered in our creative strategy sessions, our team will begin bringing our concepts to life. The design process is an iterative one. We allow multiple rounds of revisions to ensure you walk away with a brand system you love.

The Logo + Branding Basics

  • include the essential design elements needed to add a branded flair to your big idea.

The Logo + Branding Suite

Yes, it’s as sweet as it sounds. The Logo + Branding Suite includes all the design elements needed to jumpstart a well-rounded brand or biz online and in-person. You’ll strut away with a brand system and your choice of digital or printed assets.

phase 3: collateral design + Handover

Once we nail the look and feel of your brand system, we will begin building out your design collateral. This can include any service on our digital and printed goods offering list.